Zero Sugar Chocolate Cookies and Me, the Health Researcher

I just realized last night that my job title for the past 40 years is Health Researcher. It's true and the realization made me happy.  When I graduated college in  1976 after having been diagnosed with type 1diabetes in 1971 at the age of 16, I started reading texts on health and healing. This was the first time in my life that I didn't have to study what other people wanted me to study so I could make good grades. So the first thing I started reading were books on herbs, diets, fasting, supplements, and healing. These books and authors told of healing nearly any condition or sickness known to man. Not so much about healing type 1 diabetes, and it seemed to me, everything else but. 

So I used the associative theory of mathematics, or maybe the if/then principle and surmised  "if a healthy lifestyle and natural therapies can heal this then, why couldn't they heal type1 diabetes?"


I spent the next 40 years experimenting on myself with natural therapies. I won't go into detail here, but basically I figured that illness couldn't live in a 100% healthy body. And I believed it. And between babies, and children and life I did a lot of reading and experimenting on myself and actually the whole family, trying my best to discover the way to health and healing. I'm still at it. 

I'm still experimenting and I'm still healing and believing in healing. 

My latest experiment is with Meditation and Belief and the Power of Thought. And that will be a later blog when I get some results. Stay tuned. 

This year marks 46 years of a type 1 diabetes diagnosis. 


Zero Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies  about 2 grams carbs per cookie

preheat oven 350 f

line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

1 1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 teas. Baking powder

1/4 teas. Baking soda

1/2 teas Himalayan salt

1 teas. Vanilla extract  

1 egg

2 ounces room temperature butter

1/2 cup Pyure, an organic stevia /erythritol blend

1/3 cup Lily's Chocolate Chips

presently I don't have a mixer so by hand I whipped the butter, egg, sweetener, and vanilla extract until creamyish  

then I stirred in the dry ingredients until well mixed

then I added the chocolate chips

I made 23 balls, weighed each on .65 ounce, then flattened with the bottom of the 1/4 cup measuring spoon.




These were baked for exactly 12 minutes in my preheated oven. 


They spread a little, but that just makes them look homemade, right? 

These figure at about 2 carbs each cookie.


Ant here's what I have to say about treats and Erythritol. Even the pure stuff made by the health food companies, their erythritol is made from corn. At this point in history I don't really trust corn, is it GMO, is it not GMO? Is it Sugar? What is a sugar alcohol? Some people get the runs from eating it. It makes some people's teeth hurt. My conclusion, I try not to eat it very often. I do have to take a little more insulin to eat these cookies. They are fun to make, and they make other people happy. But do they make me happy. I know it's a lot harder to predict my blood sugar when I eat treats, so I try to have treats for special occasions. 

Thanks for listening!😘