Why Aren't You Healing?

Are you really ready to heal? 

Have you been working on it, researching it for many, many years?

Healing flower.jpeg

Have you tried many lifestyle changes, supplements, health practitioners, natural therapies, cleanses,  but still you have this disease, whatever it is? (In my case the manifestation of Type 1 diabetes.) It could be anything.

If you've done all these things, as I have, and that's all you need to do, in other words, if these things are the only things that are going to heal you, why haven't you healed. All of these have been there all along.

If they were going to heal you, you would have already been healed.

Are you ready to give up your illness?

Are you ready to live your life without any aspect of your illness?

Is your illness what gives your life purpose?

Is it what sets you apart, negatively or positively?

Are you ready to believe that you are deserving to be an individual with perfect health?

Lots of questions to contemplate.


I truly believe that I deserve and am ready to be a receiver of perfect health.

 "Your intelligent body is comprised of trillions of cells seeking and finding alignment at all times."