Thoughts on Abundance

If you are happy about anything at all in your life, you have to be happy and grateful about every single experience in your past. 

    You cannot pick and choose the experiences you like or don’t like because each and every experience IS what brought you to what you can now see in your life.

money from sky.jpeg

    If you want to bring prosperity into your life, you need to appreciate all of your creditors, each and every one—appreciative and loving toward the bank, the bank officials, all the individuals involved, including the government, the Economy, even the auctioneers, if it has come to that—love and appreciation for the institutions which enabled your child or you to go to the school of their/your choice, even if it was an inferior choice. These were part of what led to your blessings for today. And if you hope to receive or create the prosperity and abundance to flow into your life, you cannot be selective about which bills you feel good about or taxes to pay. You must love ALL your creditors! Only then will prosperity enter you life. 

    Six years ago we found an amazing house on an amazing piece of property. When we decided to rent it, we were making a lot of money, so we weren’t at all worried about the increase in rent, we were doing great! This house, even though I loved everything about it, was away from town by about 15 minutes by car. And even though every feature of the house was far superior to our old house, the one big difference was  we could no longer take a walk from our front door to town. This was an activity that I enjoyed very much, walking to the coffee house, walking to the health food store. So much so that every time someone would compliment me about this amazing house, I would say, “Yeah, but we can’t walk from our front door to do our errands!” And I said it with feeling! Pretty soon we had such a slump in our income that we started having trouble paying our rent. I blamed the economy, I blamed the gas prices, I blamed the higher rent, I blamed our decision to move, over and over and over!  LIttle did I realize by the very act of complaining about the new house, I was CAUSING the decline in our income. I was energetically causing there not to be enough money—not only to not be able to pay the rent but to do a lot of other things too!

    If you want to be abundant, if you want to be prosperous, ask yourself, “Do I have the confidence that I will know what to do with the money when it comes?”

What is the condition of your home office, where you pay your bills, keep records of all the money coming in? Is it clean, happy, organized, ready to receive and help you delegate the wealth and abundance when it comes flooding into your life?



“I am wise and ready to receive the flood of abundance rushing into my life, now!”

Say it with enthusiasm! And Feel it with all the emotion you can muster.