The Law of Attraction and Creating Wellness

The Law of Attraction and Creating Wellness

Me in the summer of my 60th year.

Me in the summer of my 60th year.

My book was ready to be edited. I just had the finishing touches left to do. The Happy Healing Life book would become a reality! Then I learned about the Law of Attraction, while listening to Abraham, through Esther Hicks.

My book was filled with stories of my past health history, for I believed that only by studying your past health history could you learn why you were unwell. And that digging into your past would enable you to know what to do to become well—either again or for the first time.

Now, I have learned that by digging into the past, you attract more of what created unwellness in the first place. What a conundrum!

If you want something to dissipate, don’t talk about. Don’t discuss it. Don’t bring it up. Don’t think about it.
— Abraham Hicks

I discovered that only by looking at what you want can you create what you want!

So, in my new, revised book, as well as in my own path to perfect health, I practice looking ahead at what perfect health looks like, by “feeling” what it feels like.

And it is tricky in our culture to ignore the past, AND, ignore even the present, and only look to happiness and bliss and practice that happiness and bliss until it becomes a reality!

What does perfect health feel like if you have never experienced it? We were all blessed with a creative imagination, that is what being human means. You use your imagination to create your life. We all do, all day every day. We have that choice. 

Even the word “healing” is coming from a place of lack.

Creating wellness is the place to start:

I feel good!

I feel eager!

I feel happy!

I feel that “Everything is always working out for me!”

I feel like that feeling of happiness spreading to all aspects of my life!

I feel whole and perfect!

I feel cells in my body waking up happy and ready for a new day!