Six Month Carnivore Success

I figured I’d write a progress blog to let everyone know how I’m doing continuing my carnivore experiment. First off, all of life is an experiment, that’s it. I’ve been eating all animal products for 6 months now.

What I eat: eggs and bacon for breakfast. Usually 1/2 a steak and butter for lunch. And burger and egg scramble with pork belly for supper.



I’m very much enjoying this diet. I’ve had some good results. My sleep is better, and I started dreaming more, my energy and vitality for life has increased. The floaters I had in my eyes are almost completely gone. I had a patch of flaky, painful skin that had been on my eyebrow for several years and its completely gone, healed. My fingernails are growing stronger. I’m not sure if that’s from the diet or if it’s because there are so few dishes to wash!! I’ve lost about 3 pounds, but I wasn’t trying to lose any, really. I’m building nice muscles just from doing a few pushups. Speaking of pushups I want to let you know about my next experiment.

Starting tomorrow my 6 month carnivore anniversary I will stop drinking coffee, eat no cheese and do 100 pushups every day and walk about 15,000 steps. These are either stair push-up or knee pushups, done 25 at a time throughout the day.

So who wants to join me?

30 day Experiment, while eating a full carnivore diet

  1. Drink no coffee
  2. Eat no dairy products except butter.
  3. Do 100 pushups each day. What ever kind you can do and they can be broken up anyway you want. I do 25 before each meal and before bed.
  4. I’ll add, about 15,000 steps or two 30 minutes walks and two 15 minute walk each day.

That’s it! Who wants to join me?

The 30 days start May 12- June 12, actually 31 days!