My MCT Oil Mayo and My Testimonial

My MCT Oil Mayo and My Testimonial


I was at an Herbal Festival and I got to talking to one of the vendors. She was selling natural lotions and said most of her products were for pain relief. This got me thinking and I blurted out that "Since I changed my diet 7 years ago I have no more pain, and come to think of it my skin is really soft with no lotion!" I told her I don't eat grains, I eat really low carb and high fat, saturated fat mostly. Then she asked if I had read Mark Sisson's book, Primal Blueprint. Oh yes! That one and many more about this diet I'm on.

      I started low carb 21 years ago to help with my blood sugars and type 1 diabetes. My health improved dramatically and I realized I wasn't eating grains. So this low carb diet was naturally grain free and gluten free! This woman at the herbal fair quoted Mark Sisson as saying, "the worst evolutionary mistake man ever made was planting cereal grains." I agreed.

Seven years ago, though, I started eating the ketogenic diet which includes higher fat and fewer carbs. This change teaches your body to burn fat for energy, including your own body fat as well as dietary fat.

    This conversation had me thinking. Was the ketogenic diet really working for me?

      I had read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution 21 years ago and had started low carb and intense insulin management, meaning 5 shots a day of two different types of insulin. A fast kind and a slow kind. And I started testing my blood sugars several time a day. The shortest history possible. After 7 years, I decided to try the raw vegan diet to heal type 1. I was doing it as low carb as I could, but after 7 years of Raw, I realized the healing wasn't going to happen, so I graduated to eating as close to 100% locally sourced farm food as I could. As in, if I had to eat meat I would avoid factory farmed meat and buy from ethical farmers. Soon after I started this "locavore" thing, I read about the Ketogenic diet and it's healing abilities, and so added more fat, mostly in the form of saturated animal fat from these beautiful animals.

During the raw vegan diet I had put on about 10 pounds and developed painful knees, which I was led to believe are just the result of aging.

After I started with animal products, locally sourced of course, and more fat, I put on a few more pounds, which I was reminded was just because I had gone through menopause. I never liked blaming anything on age, I wasn't very happy!

I've always been thin, long legged, it's just the genes. My body is lean. But now I weighed 15 pounds more than what felt comfortable on my frame. I made a few adjustments and gradually the pounds came off. I don't really want to get specific because we all have our hang ups with certain numbers. The important part was that I feel better at my new weight, which happens to be the weight I have been for most of my life and I had nothing to do with my age.

On the ketogenic Diet:

  1. My skin is soft and supple
  2. My joints all feel good, supple and pain free
  3. My blood sugars are the best they've ever been
  4. I am healthier and younger feeling than before.

I'm sure there's more but that's good for now.

MCT Oil Mayo

The first several times I made this oil it caused too much of a good thing, if you how what I mean, or I spent too much time on the potty, so now I make the mayo half MCT oil and half another kind of fat/oil.

In your blender place:

1 yard egg

2 T. your choice Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice

1 t. salt, your choice, I usually use Himalayan pink salt

At this time you may add seasonings of your choice

Now while blender is going high speed slowly pour:

1cup oil, I use 1/2cup MCT oil with 1/2 cup olive oil or bacon fat, or butter, or lard or duck fat or coconut oil.

Pour all the oil/fat until it becomes Mayonnaise.


Possible seasoning;

Curry Garlic: add 1Tablespoon curry seasoning and 5 cloves garlic

Spicy salad dressing: 1 teas paprika, 1 teas garlic granules, 1 teas chili garlic salt or other seasoning pepper.

Russian dressing: 2 teaspoons paprika then add 3Tablespoons dill pickle relish at the end

Ranch dressing: measure 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 cup sour cream then stir in tiny bit of stevia, 1teas onion granules, 1/2 teas garlic granules, 1/4 teas mustard and other herbs of your choice.

Here your creativity rules, as long as you have the basic recipe.

Serving suggestions

As dressings on a salad, over sautéed veggies, as a dip for meats or fish or veggie fries, like turnips or radishes or eggplant of course. 

Have fun!