My Home Gym Paleo-Ketogenic-Locavore Workout

As I was helping to carry the last of the cord of wood delivery on to the porch right outside our door, I was thinking how many of the movements were like exercises that I would do at the gym with weights.

Here I am with the first “Dead Lift” as I am lifting the wood into my arms:


Dead lift.jpg

And now with my arms full of many pounds of heavy wood, over and over again, doing reps of “Bicep Curls,”:


Moving to another apparatus for the weighted “Stair-Climbing”:

Stair climbing.jpg

Whew! I call that a full body workout! I get a lean toned body AND wood stacked on the porch for the next snowstorm predicted for tomorrow. Oh, the benefits....


Come to think of it these exercises we have learned at the gym or from books or from videos were invented to replicate real life.


Get Real, find a workout with real-life benefits!