Locavore Low Carb High Fat

Locavore Low Carb High Fat Way of Living

I've pretty much convinced myself after 6 years of eating Lchf that this is the best way to eat for me. Hopefully I've presented that information in my blog and many who read my blog "get it" and are agreeing with my point of view.

Lchf has proven itself as one of the fastest growing diet trends in the world. Doctors and diet gurus the world over are placing their patients and clients on this diet to better their health. And individuals have, in droves, begun following the Lchf bandwagon, happily. I just searched on Amazon and, if it's any indication of trends, there are more new Lchf  books available than any other diet trend.

So I'm here to encourage you readers, by explaining my point of view, to add one more letter to the acronym: LLCHF.

Locavore Low Carb High Fat.

About 98% of the foods in my life originate from local, organic farms. Why?

I'm certainly not the first to promote this idea. One of the first was Michael Pollen in Omnivore's Dilemma. I first read this book during the gas crisis of 2008-09 and I became convinced saving small family farms was worth my effort. So after reading this book, and many more, and seeing the movie, Food Inc., I became what has been termed Locavore. I have to admit, I love being a member of an elite group. But is it?

Some of my peeps are offended by the word elite, like what gives you the right to pay more for your food and live better lives than most?

But most important in my mind is "Are You Better Off," or are you healthier?

There's not much info out there about the health benefits of eating  Lchf  using local foods or even if local foods make you healthier. I can only use myself as an example.

I've been following the "latest" diet trends for — ask my kids —about 35-40 years. And for the most part I didn't stay with them too long. At the age of 22 I started reading books on health, hoping to find the answer to healing the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes from 6 years earlier. I was convinced that there was a way to heal any condition, using natural means. I was obsessed, well slightly. I also was raising children for the next many years. I read every diet book out there.

Fast forward nearly 35 years to 2010 and I became a Locavore. I found farmers markets, farmers, shopping in small markets selling food from local farms. And I found a new, fun hobby of sourcing all my food from local farms, and staying out of big-chain grocery stores. It's easy and fun if you try. westonaprice.org is a great resource in finding farms in your local area where you can buy grassfed meats, raw dairy, and vegetables.

Now, what effect has this change had on my health?

For the past 40 years I have eaten all natural foods, no preservatives or additives in my food, no packaged food at all, unless I could buy it at a health food store. That's how I raised my kids. They learned to read by reading labels, sugar, wheat flour were first sight words and if the label had any chemical name they knew to put it back on the shelf.

But 6 years ago, I did a complete turn around. Eat only food from local farms. That's it. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Tea, maca, shredded coconut, walnuts, Brazil nuts, coconut oil... Do you notice something? No ingredient list. One word ingredient.


No joint pain

Better sleep

Better blood sugar balance

Less required insulin


Higher energy level

Very sensitive to insulin

Recommendation — the use of locally sourced bacon fat, lard and butter enhances my LLCHF way of life. And drinking at least 3 quarts of locally sourced spring water brings me health and happiness. findaspring.com  is a wonderful resource for finding a natural spring near you.

By the time I finished writing this blog my spell check recognized LLCHF ! Progress!

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