Let's Start a Movement

Worldwide Wellness Experiment

My idea is pretty simple and at first it was just my private experiment, but I thought it would be fun if I could encourage many people to try it. It's similar to The idea of writing 5 things  you are grateful for every night before you go to bed.

My idea is to write down in a real journal or notebook 10 good  things that your condition, mine would be type 1 diabetes, have brought to you. Ten good things every day. You can do it for any condition, problem, issue, pain, anything. Please share with your friends this idea and let's see if we can start a movement. You could occasionally notice if you are feeling better or your numbers are better. But don't dwell on it. Then everyday try to add a new "good thing" that you just noticed. You can change them up. If you are having a yucky day only write a few but don't stop.

My first list: (and don't mention the name of your condition

I have a reason to make good food choices.

I keep my body fit.

I have made many new friends all over the world who really "get" me.

I have confidence that I can manage anything.

I know planning and plotting are very beneficial.

I have enjoyed studying nutrition for 45 years.

I have found a way of eating that will benefit many people.

My health is improving everyday.

I am very aware of my body, what effect certain foods have on  it, what certain exercises, attitudes, activities have on my body.

I practice meditation everyday.

I am learning to love myself.

I am learning to appreciate my experience


So, you see I went a little overboard with 12 good things, but some days I might be able to do less. I'll say write an average of ten. And yes I'm going to put my pad down and really write in my notebook. I might even have to buy myself a new notebook. You could carry it around with you so you could write a new "Good Thing" down whenever you get a new idea. By the end of the day look at your list to see if you need to add any more. I'll probably give it at least a month before I take stock on if you've noticed any health improvements.

Please share this idea, get your friends excited. Let's start a Good Things movement !

And keep in touch, let me know how you are doing.