How to Stay Well this Winter and Always

I have a new scientifically proven plan to stay well this winter. I’ve discovered using these three products together have helped me gain confidence in my wellness. I’ve been exposed to colds a few times this winter and as soon as the first symptoms arise usually a sneeze when chilled, followed by the beginning of a runny nose, if I can remember these 3 products often the symptoms will slow down and drop out all together. Am I contagious while this is gong on? I actually don’t know, but I feel good and don’t get worse. 

And here, I just want to mention that this amazing protocol doesn’t affect blood sugars at all. So good, right? 

Ok, I’m not a medical professional of any kind, I’m just a person who’s been studying what makes people healthy for about 40 years. Selfishly I pay attention to what makes me healthier and choose to share my knowledge with you, my readers. That was my disclaimer! 


As soon as I feel a symptom I’ll take 1 dropper of D3 Serum by Premier Research Lab, 1-3 droppers Sovereign Silver under my tongue, and a swig of Garlic Cayenne Vinegar by Three Lily Farm. When the vinegar runs out, I’ll just use regular Apple Cider Vinegar, but I really like the bite of the garlic and cayenne. 

First of all, Sovereign Silver. In a really good article by Dr. Axe he explains that Colloidal Silver is antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. The Sovereign Silver is the same as colloidal silver except that it is made of smaller molecules, as is my understanding.

Next Vitamin D3, in an article by Dr. Mercola,

explains that Vitamin D 3 strengthens your immune system and guards against autoimmune disorders.  Vitamin D3, which also a hormone rather than an actual vitamin, is cited as an antimicrobial.

Really? Apple cider vinegar? in an article by Kris Gunners it is explained that apple cider vinegar is antibiotic, and has many other scientifically proven benefits.

i recommend reading these mentioned articles because your belief in a strategy helps it work better for you. In addition to using these three products: 1 dropper of Vitamin D3, 2-3 droppers of Sovereign Silver and a teaspoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar either as a swig or in a small glass of water.  

Also when hoping to stay healthy, always drink more than adequate water. Try first 3 quarts per day. And try to keep your attention off of anything negative. News programs, scary or negative movies. Instead look towards uplifting news stories, comedy programming, and continue to notice positive aspects of your daily life.  

As Abraham-Hicks has said, “If you want to change the world, watch the Big Bang Theory”. 


And remember, have fun!