Freedom From Type 1 Diabetes

Yes, Freedom.

Yes I still take insulin injections, and I still test my blood, and I still eat low carb. 

But I don’t spend hours on the phone waiting for people to give me what I’m asking for. 

I don’t spend hours awake every night. 

I don’t spend so much on my diabetes that I don’t have enough money to enjoy my life. 

I don’t live with frustration about my physical condition. 

I do spend under $100 a month on my type 1 diabetes treatment

I do have a non-diabetic A1c currently at 5.1. 

I do seek happiness every day. 

I do meditate every day. 

I do engage in physical exercise every day. 

I do eat under 30 grams of carbohydrate every day. I practice a low carb ketogenic diet. Some people have called this diet Low Carb High Fat Moderate Protein Diet. 

I do eat fermented foods every day to nourish my gut. 

I do shop for good deals on type 1 diabetic supplies. 

I do spend a lot of money though, on supplements that keep me not only healthy, but also 

so that I am insulin sensitive and am able to live on less medication. 

I do buy most of my food from local farmers and eat absolutely no processed food, so that my wellness stays at a high level. 

I use St. Clair’s Organic Peppermints to correct my blood sugar when needed. 

i do keep a Daily Logbook in which I record all blood sugar results, amounts of insulin, and food consumed. I periodically record lists of supplements, exercises, activities, feelings and sick days, or headaches. 

Now for the details: 

Insulin, I buy from Walmart. NPH for my long acting insulin and R or Regular for my meal time insulin. These I buy for $25 per vial, and just to be on the safe side, I replace them usually once per month. 

Syringes, I buy on line for a very good price and I have a lifetime prescription for them. I used to get them from Walmart, but the last time I tried to buy them they were unable to procure the particular kind I wanted. 

Meter and TestStrips, I order these on Amazon. I use ContourNextOne and believe it is one of the better meters, and it works very well and is very accurate. I test anywhere from 3 to 12 times a day. These cost about $25 per 100. And each hundred last me about 10-20 days each.

A1c tests, I test my a1c at home one time each month, just to keep track of my progress. Even though this test shows your average blood sugar over 3 months time, I like to test each month just to monitor the direction it might be going. 


This is the basis of living with Type 1, yet things do come up. I choose to avoid insurance in order to be free to make my own choices, which is why I choose to pay for the minimum requirements to keep my diabetes managed. And these are MY choices and certainly not recommendations for anyone else.

It can be done for less. Less expense, less stress, more freedom, that’s all. 





My home A1c


My Typical Breakfast


My Delicious Supper of Butter Mashup and Brazil Nuts


A Typical Lunch


My Delivery of Syringes


My Supplements


An Example of Fermented Vegetables: Daikon Radish Pickles


My Meter Showing What is Considered a Perfect Blood Sugar


St. Clair’s Organic Peppermints that I Use to Raise my Blood Sugar if it Goes Too Low


My D-Bag that I Carry With Me at All Times, Meter, with test strips, insulin, syringes, my Peppermints, lip stick and eye drops.


My Daily Logbook


my Insulin, both R and N for a total of $50