Are You On a "Good" Diet?

I love it when you hear someone say: ”My friend was on a really good diet but they got sick anyway!”

plate with ?.jpeg

Or someone says: “I’m on the best diet, how could I have gotten sick?”

We have all seen the experts change their minds over and over on what constitutes a “GOOD” diet!

I can tell you what I believe is a good diet, I can tell you which diet has brought me a pain-free life, what diet has allowed me to feel nourished and satisfied in a complete way, a diet that has allowed me to have the most balanced blood sugar I have ever had.

Will it work for you?

Who knows?

Obviously we all have different things to heal, even if we have the same so called disease. Are we healing our body systems? Or are we healing our hearts, as in our emotional bodies?

Does your perfect health lie in your love for yourself?

What does it mean when someone with multiple personalities can have one personality with type 1 diabetes who needs insulin injections when the other personalities do not?

And what does it mean when I need less insulin when I change to a different form of meditation?


Just giving you something to think about.