Yummy Coconut Cookies

  • 76.82 grams carbohydrate in total recipe
  • 36 cookies in each recipe
  • 2.14 grams carbs in 1 cookie

I invented these delicious cookies/crackers, gluten and grain free, with ingredients that were in my kitchen. They are so yummy. Here’s the recipe:

4 cups of shredded coconut

3 eggs

1/3 cup melted coconut oil

1/3 cup ground golden flax seeds

1/2 teaspoon salt of your choice, I used Himalayan

1/2 teaspoon powdered stevia

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Blend the coconut in the blender to make coconut flour.

Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl.


Make a batter

Grease a large cookie sheet with a bit of coconut oil.

Spoon batter onto sheet.

Spread, flatten with hands, fingertips or heel of hand, till it covers the whole pan.

Cut into squares with spatula.

Place cookie sheet in oven.

Bake until golden brown. 

I started with 12 minutes but in my oven it took a total of 20 minutes.

All ovens are a little different. Denny really likes them crispy and well browned. Sometimes he even re-crisps them before he eats them in a preheated oven for a few minutes.

Serve with a generous slab of raw Grassfed butter.


Only 1 gram carb per cookie!