Six Month Carnivore Success

I figured I’d write a progress blog to let everyone know how I’m doing continuing my carnivore experiment. First off, all of life is an experiment, that’s it. I’ve been eating all animal products for 6 months now.

What I eat: eggs and bacon for breakfast. Usually 1/2 a steak and butter for lunch. And burger and egg scramble with pork belly for supper.



I’m very much enjoying this diet. I’ve had some good results. My sleep is better, and I started dreaming more, my energy and vitality for life has increased. The floaters I had in my eyes are almost completely gone. I had a patch of flaky, painful skin that had been on my eyebrow for several years and its completely gone, healed. My fingernails are growing stronger. I’m not sure if that’s from the diet or if it’s because there are so few dishes to wash!! I’ve lost about 3 pounds, but I wasn’t trying to lose any, really. I’m building nice muscles just from doing a few pushups. Speaking of pushups I want to let you know about my next experiment.

Starting tomorrow my 6 month carnivore anniversary I will stop drinking coffee, eat no cheese and do 100 pushups every day and walk about 15,000 steps. These are either stair push-up or knee pushups, done 25 at a time throughout the day.

So who wants to join me?

30 day Experiment, while eating a full carnivore diet

  1. Drink no coffee
  2. Eat no dairy products except butter.
  3. Do 100 pushups each day. What ever kind you can do and they can be broken up anyway you want. I do 25 before each meal and before bed.
  4. I’ll add, about 15,000 steps or two 30 minutes walks and two 15 minute walk each day.

That’s it! Who wants to join me?

The 30 days start May 12- June 12, actually 31 days!


My Goal is Simplicity


My Goal is Simplicity

I do everything in my powers to make the treatment that is required by type one diabetes to be as simple as possible. So simple that most of the time I can feel like it’s not even there.

Now on my 100th day on the Carnivore Diet, I have decided to keep it going. I’m not actually saying that it’s the best diet for people with Type One Diabetes. Yet I am saying, that for me, right now the Carnivore Diet is working for me

I’ve been actively searching health and diets for the last 42 years, reading books on health and trying the next promising, health promoting diet.


Since I graduated from college and then studied for myself instead of for my teachers, I’ve probably read over 300 books written about creating health.

Now I’ve ended up on the Carnivore Diet, or the Ultimate Elimination Diet.

This diet eliminates all foods that anyone could have a sensitivity to. Although I eat meats, I also eat eggs, and right now grass-fed butter and sometimes cheese.

I’m happier than I ever imagined I would be on this simple diet. Cook meat, eggs the way you like them. Buy the cuts of meat you like. Learn how to cook meat and then see how you feel.


I’m feeling really good eating this way. My insulin requirements are still low, even though they have raised a little. My blood sugars are very steady and I’m happy. One more simple adjustment in my life.


Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Wouldn’t itbe nice if:

My hands open and lay flat.

My feet have no nodules.

I have healthy gums.

I see clearly

My floaters go away.

My cherry hemangioma goes away.

I’ve reduced the amount of insulin daily

I sleep well and wake refreshed

The skin on my body has tightened.

My belly fat has gotten smaller.

I feel happy and energetic.

My eggs and bacon breakfast is already a carnivore meal.

My eggs and bacon breakfast is already a carnivore meal.

I contemplated this list for a while before I wrote it. My husband helped me come up with the “Wouldn’t it be Nice” idea for the title. These are the conditions that I’m hoping to attract by starting to eat Zero Carb. If you know me you know that I am aware of the Law of Attraction, and I know if I list all the issues I currently have in my body/mind, I might continue to have them. So, hence this positive list of what I want.

Some people call this diet the Carnivore diet, the all meat diet, the zero carb diet. There are issues with whichever title we choose. The term “Carnivore Diet” sounds so “tearing of the flesh”. The “All Meat Diet” is ok, but I plan to eat eggs, cheese and butter. “Zero Carb Diet” is a step farther than low carb, but eggs have a small amount of carbs and cheese also has a small amount of carbs. So, maybe a list is better.


Steak, butter, bacon? I’ll take it!

Steak, butter, bacon? I’ll take it!

What I plan to be eating on my next experiment:


Fish and shellfish





Culinary herbs, maybe



Lunch is usually meat, fat and veggies, so I’ll be dropping the veggies. Supper, now supper is my issue. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know about my Butter Mashup. Now I’ll have to give that up. That’s giving up chocolate and nuts and stevia, and superfood powders. Can I do it? I was already questioning “Are powders real food?”

I guess we’ll see. My main goal is to be happy and further my health journey.

I plan on writing blogs when I see progress. And I’ll certainly let you know how I’m doing on Instagram @thebuttereatter_t1d and FB Aimee Fields Perrin.

Keto Party Food


I’ve hesitated sharing these recipes, but I promised my peeps I would share, for several reasons. So here I go.

Every party I prepare food for is always low carb and Keto. I take this life seriously! If I eat this way because I believe it is the healthiest for all people and not just people with type one diabetes. It has been reported that 80% of all people are blood sugar challenged, so welcome to low carb partying! 

In this blog I will be sharing my Pesto Tower, my exclusive Rosemary Kimchi Crackers and Magic Hearts and Salted Almond Chocolates.

Pesto Tower 

While meditating the other day, I remembered where I first saw the Pesto Tower! I had Susan Branch’s Heart of the Home beautiful cookbook. Somehow I have lost it with the moves over the years, so it took me a while to remember. My recipe for pesto is very different, but I certainly want to give Susan Branch total credit for the idea for the tower and the genius production of how to mold it! 


The mold for the tower is a flower pot lined with damp cheese cloth. You make the cream cheese/ butter part and then make the pesto and then layer them.

This recipe filled 2 flowerpots, about 8 inch high and 6 inches across.

3, 8 oz organic cream cheese

1 lb of the best butter you can find, I get raw grass fed butter from a local farmer. Certainly if you can find that, it’s the best, but Kerry Gold is fine too.

Cream these in your food processor until very smooth and creamy. Remember to leave these on the counter until they are softened.

Clean and dry you food processor and then make the pesto.


When I make pesto I have to eye ball it, because no bunch of basil is the same, but what ever you come up with will be delicious.

14.5 ounces hard cheese like Parmesan, cut up into half inch cubes and grind in food processor.

Add 14.5 ounces walnuts and grind with cheese

Add 1.7 ounces cut up garlic

Add 2 large bunches basil, wash and dry the basil on paper towels and pinch off leaves and add to food processor.

Add 1 cup olive oil

1teaspoon salt and black pepper to taste.

Line the flower pots with your damp cheese cloth, start putting in the first layer of cream cheese/butter and smooth it with a spoon, then add a layer of pesto and smooth it with a spoon. Continue layering until you’ve filled the mold or molds. Cover with the ends of the cheese cloth and place in the fridge. I usually make this a day before the party so it has time to get firm.

Serve with low carb crackers, or raw veggies. It will last indefinitely in the fridge. I’ve never done it but you could probably freeze the leftovers too!


Low Carb Rosemary Kimchi Crackers

I have hesitated sharing this recipe for a long time. I invented this recipe when I was a raw vegan from 2003-2010 and built a Raw Food Snack company, called Aimee’s Livin’ Magic, around this and other recipes, like the chocolate recipes I’ve also decided to share. When my company closed in 2012, I had these amazing recipes that as it turned out, besides being raw, they were gluten free, grain free, sugar free and low carb. I was hoping to make a lot of money selling my recipes, but it’s 2018 and I’ve still got the recipes, so why not share them?


Rosemary Kimchi Crackers

3 cups sunflower seeds, soaked overnight in a bowl of water, then rinsed and drained.

2 cups almonds, soaked overnight in a bowl of water, then rinsed and drained

2 cups golden flax seeds, ground in a blender

2Tablespoons rosemary or dill if you want dill flavored crackers

1 1/2 Tablespoons Himalayan crystal salt

2 Tablespoons Garlic granules

2 Tablespoons onion granules

2 ounces whole garlic cloves

2 1/2 cups or 15 ounces Kimchi, my favorite is Real Pickles Kimchi, but you use your own or another brand as long as it is truly fermented

1 cup spring water

2 cups spring water

Process already soaked almonds in a food processor and place in large bowl.

Process already soaked sunflower seeds in food processor, dump in same bowl.

Place all the other ingredients in  food processor, except flax seeds, with 1 cup water. Process until well blended, and add to bowl.

Add the ground flax seeds to bowl.

Pour in the 2 cups of water.

Stir well.

I use the Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator. Take 4 trays, line with 4 teflex sheets. Measure about 2.5 pounds on each tray, including the weight of the tray. Or divide into 4 equal amounts. Pat out dough until flat and about 10x10”. Use a rubber spatula and be sure they are evenly flat. Score in to cracker shapes. I get 36 crackers from each tray.

Place each tray in the dehydrator, turn it on to highest temperature. When I was making these for raw foodists I used 125 degrees. But now I just use the highest temp, 165 degrees.

Dehydrate for 24 hours. Then turn each tray by placing an empty tray on top, holding both then flipping, to take the teflex sheet off. Continue to dehydrate until crispy, probably 2 more days.

Break the crackers up and place in air tight container.

It has been estimated that each cracker is 1 gram carb.

Enjoy with the best butter you can find, preferably from a local farm. Or the previous recipe of Pesto Tower.


At every party I host I always serve stevia sweetened chocolate. Everyone loves it.

When I had my company, I made 19 different recipes! Once you get the techniques and basic recipe down, you too can make different recipes and flavors using some of you favorite flavors or superfoods.

Magic Hearts

I use several 1” heart shaped molds, sheets of plastic, molds

2 cups of high quality cacao powder

2 cups raw organic cacao butter

1/2 cup Maca Powder

2 teaspoons Now Brand powdered stevia

2teaspoons vanilla powder

Place cacao butter in large glass measuring cup placed in a pot of hot water, on low heat on the stove, until it is completely melted and measures 2 cups.

Place all other ingredients in a bowl and stir.

Then carefully add the cacao butter, stirring until all the powders are stirred smooth.

Pour in molds, place on cutting boards and lay flat in your freezer.

When set, pop out of molds and serve.

I keep left overs in a bag in the freezer.

You can use any chocolate mold you’d like.


Salted Almond Bark

This beautiful and delicious chocolate was eaten so fast the last time I made it, I didn’t get a picture!

1 cup cacao butter melted

1 cup cacao powder

1 teaspoon vanilla powder

1 teaspoon pure organic stevia powder

1 teaspoon Dandy Blend

1 cup chopped dry roasted almonds

Pour in an 8x8” silicon square mold. Distribute almonds evenly.

Sprinkle with coarsely ground Himalayan salt.

Place in freezer on a cutting board for support. When hardened, pop out of mold and break in pieces.

💜💜💜 these are the recipes  for a Keto party.

Add  sliced hard sausage and sliced cheese, raw veggie sticks, and beverages. These recipes are near and dear to my heart. Treat them carefully.

Freedom From Type 1 Diabetes

Yes, Freedom.

Yes I still take insulin injections, and I still test my blood, and I still eat low carb. 

But I don’t spend hours on the phone waiting for people to give me what I’m asking for. 

I don’t spend hours awake every night. 

I don’t spend so much on my diabetes that I don’t have enough money to enjoy my life. 

I don’t live with frustration about my physical condition. 

I do spend under $100 a month on my type 1 diabetes treatment

I do have a non-diabetic A1c currently at 5.1. 

I do seek happiness every day. 

I do meditate every day. 

I do engage in physical exercise every day. 

I do eat under 30 grams of carbohydrate every day. I practice a low carb ketogenic diet. Some people have called this diet Low Carb High Fat Moderate Protein Diet. 

I do eat fermented foods every day to nourish my gut. 

I do shop for good deals on type 1 diabetic supplies. 

I do spend a lot of money though, on supplements that keep me not only healthy, but also 

so that I am insulin sensitive and am able to live on less medication. 

I do buy most of my food from local farmers and eat absolutely no processed food, so that my wellness stays at a high level. 

I use St. Clair’s Organic Peppermints to correct my blood sugar when needed. 

i do keep a Daily Logbook in which I record all blood sugar results, amounts of insulin, and food consumed. I periodically record lists of supplements, exercises, activities, feelings and sick days, or headaches. 

Now for the details: 

Insulin, I buy from Walmart. NPH for my long acting insulin and R or Regular for my meal time insulin. These I buy for $25 per vial, and just to be on the safe side, I replace them usually once per month. 

Syringes, I buy on line for a very good price and I have a lifetime prescription for them. I used to get them from Walmart, but the last time I tried to buy them they were unable to procure the particular kind I wanted. 

Meter and TestStrips, I order these on Amazon. I use ContourNextOne and believe it is one of the better meters, and it works very well and is very accurate. I test anywhere from 3 to 12 times a day. These cost about $25 per 100. And each hundred last me about 10-20 days each.

A1c tests, I test my a1c at home one time each month, just to keep track of my progress. Even though this test shows your average blood sugar over 3 months time, I like to test each month just to monitor the direction it might be going. 


This is the basis of living with Type 1, yet things do come up. I choose to avoid insurance in order to be free to make my own choices, which is why I choose to pay for the minimum requirements to keep my diabetes managed. And these are MY choices and certainly not recommendations for anyone else.

It can be done for less. Less expense, less stress, more freedom, that’s all. 





My home A1c


My Typical Breakfast


My Delicious Supper of Butter Mashup and Brazil Nuts


A Typical Lunch


My Delivery of Syringes


My Supplements


An Example of Fermented Vegetables: Daikon Radish Pickles


My Meter Showing What is Considered a Perfect Blood Sugar


St. Clair’s Organic Peppermints that I Use to Raise my Blood Sugar if it Goes Too Low


My D-Bag that I Carry With Me at All Times, Meter, with test strips, insulin, syringes, my Peppermints, lip stick and eye drops.


My Daily Logbook


my Insulin, both R and N for a total of $50 

How to Stay Well this Winter and Always

I have a new scientifically proven plan to stay well this winter. I’ve discovered using these three products together have helped me gain confidence in my wellness. I’ve been exposed to colds a few times this winter and as soon as the first symptoms arise usually a sneeze when chilled, followed by the beginning of a runny nose, if I can remember these 3 products often the symptoms will slow down and drop out all together. Am I contagious while this is gong on? I actually don’t know, but I feel good and don’t get worse. 

And here, I just want to mention that this amazing protocol doesn’t affect blood sugars at all. So good, right? 

Ok, I’m not a medical professional of any kind, I’m just a person who’s been studying what makes people healthy for about 40 years. Selfishly I pay attention to what makes me healthier and choose to share my knowledge with you, my readers. That was my disclaimer! 


As soon as I feel a symptom I’ll take 1 dropper of D3 Serum by Premier Research Lab, 1-3 droppers Sovereign Silver under my tongue, and a swig of Garlic Cayenne Vinegar by Three Lily Farm. When the vinegar runs out, I’ll just use regular Apple Cider Vinegar, but I really like the bite of the garlic and cayenne. 

First of all, Sovereign Silver. In a really good article by Dr. Axe he explains that Colloidal Silver is antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. The Sovereign Silver is the same as colloidal silver except that it is made of smaller molecules, as is my understanding.

Next Vitamin D3, in an article by Dr. Mercola,

explains that Vitamin D 3 strengthens your immune system and guards against autoimmune disorders.  Vitamin D3, which also a hormone rather than an actual vitamin, is cited as an antimicrobial.

Really? Apple cider vinegar? in an article by Kris Gunners it is explained that apple cider vinegar is antibiotic, and has many other scientifically proven benefits.

i recommend reading these mentioned articles because your belief in a strategy helps it work better for you. In addition to using these three products: 1 dropper of Vitamin D3, 2-3 droppers of Sovereign Silver and a teaspoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar either as a swig or in a small glass of water.  

Also when hoping to stay healthy, always drink more than adequate water. Try first 3 quarts per day. And try to keep your attention off of anything negative. News programs, scary or negative movies. Instead look towards uplifting news stories, comedy programming, and continue to notice positive aspects of your daily life.  

As Abraham-Hicks has said, “If you want to change the world, watch the Big Bang Theory”. 


And remember, have fun!